Dog Walking & Enrichment Visits

Work long hours?
Feel guilty about not walking as much as you would like?
Does your dog need more exercise?
Want to provide your dog with more enrichment?

Let us help you to keep your dog’s needs met! When you choose Dog On It Training and Grooming, you are not just getting an average walking session for your dog. Our walkers work under and with our certified trainers, have a better understanding of your dog’s needs, and will always prioritize your dog’s mental and physical well being. This means that our walkers always ensure that the walking session is tailored to each individual dog’s needs. This may mean stopping to let the dog sniff, walking them on a long line so they have room to explore while staying safe, or avoiding situations your dog may not do well in or become stressed in.

$30/30 minute walk (1 dog)
$45/30 minute walk (2 dogs together)
$55/30 minute walk each (2 dogs separately)

**If you would like extend the time of your visits, the rate is $1/minute. For more information, please contact us at 762-994-0009 or

Meet our walkers!

Becky McArdle

Becky is currently certified in pet CPR and First Aid, a training apprentice at Dog On It, enrolled in the CATCH training program, and enjoys spending as much time as possible with dogs! She lives in Martinez with her husband and two dogs, Daisy and Cooper.

Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth has always enjoyed having animals in her life! She is a Harlem native who received her vet assistant certification in 2022 and has been working with animals for as long as she has been able to work. Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family, her boyfriend McKenzie and participating in training classes with her dogs, Hudson and Benson.