About Dog On It Training & Grooming

Dog On It’s trainers are dedicated to helping owners have better behaved dogs by using humane, reward-based methods that are backed by science and making sure that no dog is harmed, physically or mentally, in the process.

Our Fear Free certified groomers always have your pet’s best interests in mind. Dog On It’s staff members are trained to recognize stress signals given by pets that may go unnoticed normally. We want to help your pet have as close to a stress free grooming experience as possible.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated staff consists of trainers, groomers and other professionals who have your dog’s best interests at heart.

Lia Fricke, CPDT-KA Owner/Trainer

Lia is one of the owners and the head trainer of Dog On It. She has been training dogs for over 12 years and has experience working with a variety of breeds. Continuing her education on a regular basis is a priority to her, as is making sure that training is fun for both dog and owner. She is dedicated to the humane treatment of animals, and focuses on strengthening the human-animal bond through training. Lia is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), Fear Free Certified, an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and a Therapy Dog Evaluator through K9 to 5 National Therapy Dog Agency. She lives in Grovetown, GA with her husband Eric, son Arlo, and their two dogs, Brit and Opie.

Tiana O’Neill Owner

Tiana’s goal has always been to have a career working with animals. By the age of 12 she was pet sitting for friends and family and by 16 she began working at a pet store. She enjoyed working in pet retail but wanted to explore other career paths in the pet industry. Over the years she has worked at dog daycares, grooming facilities, and veterinary clinics, developing a strong understanding of the industry as a whole and the best and most ethical ways to provide services for our pets. With her experience in hand and her husband’s decision to join the United States Coast Guard Reserves, she opened her own specialty pet supply store, Garden City Pet, in Augusta, GA in December 2016. Tiana resides in Whidbey Island, WA with her husband Brady, daughter Eva, and 6 dogs.

Nicole Corley Groomer

Nicole was born and raised in South Carolina. She grew up around wolf dogs and horses and spent most of her summers working at horse farms in Kentucky. She spends her free time on her farm collecting rocks and crystals, reading, rescuing reptiles, and spending time with her daughter and fiancé . Most of Nicole’s animals are rescues as her and her fiancé are active in rescuing and fostering pets.

Theresa Kelly Trainer

Theresa is an engineer who moved to the US from Austria. Growing up there, she was exposed to positive reinforcement training methods from a young age. as aversive equipment is illegal in Austria. Inspired by her dad who also trains dogs, she gained experience working with a variety of dog breeds, especially French and Belgian Shepherds. Theresa owns Tucker, a Chocolate Lab, and Flynn, a Carolina Dog mix, who are an inseparable duo. She is certified through CATCH Canine Trainers Academy and her motto is “Why do I work with dogs? Because I speak their language and I would love to teach you too!”.